Practice Areas

Aviation Law

With our interest and experience as pilots, we represent a variety of  clients in many aspects of aviation law, including ownership, licensing, insurance and accidents.

Civil Trials and Appeals

Our lawyers and paraprofessional staff have been representing both  plaintiffs and defendants in contested civil matters for thirty five  years. The trials and appeals handled by our staff have included almost  every imaginable kind of case involving property rights, personal  rights, insurance rights, contract rights, bodily injuries, corporate,  partnership and business concerns, employment disputes, estate  liabilities, ERISA benefits disputes, labor union rights and  liabilities, aircraft ownership, pilot licensing, maritime casualties,  disputes in purchase and sale transactions, legal malpractice and other  professional liability disputes, among many others.

We have successfully handled disputes before state and federal  administrative law judges, arbitrators and medical staff hearing and  appellate panels. Our practice has included representing clients before tribunals in Alaska, Arizona, Washington, Hawaii, and California.

Corporate and Business Law

We provide full service to a wide range of corporate and business clients and interests. We assist clients in all varieties of transactional matters, including organization, contracts,  employment and financial and strategic planning. We serve as counsel for  corporate Boards of Directors. We represent business clients in dispute  resolution, including arbitration, litigation and appeals.

Insurance Law

The members of the firm have decades of experience enforcing rights  and resolving disputes arising in all aspects of insurance  relationships. We represent clients in jury trials, bench trials,  arbitration and appeals. We represent clients in contested insurance  matters involving disputes relating to coverage, duty to defend, bad  faith, arson, fraud, collusion and misrepresentations in applications or  claims. In addition to litigation, the firm expresses opinions whether  coverage exists under the terms of insurance policies for claims arising under unique factual circumstances.

Medical Staff Issues

We provide experienced representation to medical staff, peer review organizations, and individual practitioners. We counsel medical staff officers, medical executive committees, departments, and medical staff offices through the details of medical staff bylaws to assure compliance. We have encountered the full  range of medical staff issues, from the application process through corrective action proceedings, hearings, and appeals.

Probate and Elder Law

We prepare wills and other estate planning documents. We provide  advice and counseling on estate planning. We represent clients in  non-contested and contested probate and guardianship proceedings.

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