JL McCarrey recommends Ron Bliss

I have had the privilege of knowing, associating and working with Ron Bliss for more than 38 years as a colleague in the practice of law and as a well-respected friend. In our separate practices we have at times been advocates representing clients with similar positions and on other occasion’s legal opponents. We have participated in a wide variety of legal matters, from those that involve the basic issues and events of life (that nonetheless require focused legal assistance) as well as those sometimes far more complex matters such as insurance, business, real estate, finance, banking, and private wealth -- that have involved significant effort, planning and litigation. Ron has a particularly unique ability to quickly yet thoughtfully analyze virtually any legal or factual issue. He is an extremely able and admired advocate. For the past 17 years in my role as General Counsel I have had, and continue to have, significant and frequent dealings with tens of other attorneys and firms, many courts, legal systems and requirements from within and without the United States. My experience and association with many fine and able attorneys only further confirms my long held belief and conviction that simply stated, Ron is “one of the best of the best” if not “the best”. I personally recommend Ron and his firm without any reservation and would be pleased to respond to any inquiry concerning either.