How We Work

"If you don't know where you are going, you will wind up somewhere else."

-Yogi Berra

The experienced lawyers at Bliss Wilkens know the wisdom behind this statement and apply it in everything  we do for our clients. Our first priority with every client is to gather the available facts, analyze those facts in the framework of the law, and develop a realistic goal and a plan with the client to achieve it. The effort and expense associated with an early and detailed analysis of every matter is part of the Bliss Wilkens DNA because it inevitably is the route to efficient and timely case handling.

We don't push paper. Experience has shown us it is rarely necessary to chase down every last fact or loose thread. Targeted discovery, or targeted motion practice, when used in strategic pursuit of the goal, is far more efficient and cost effective. The 80/20 rule of the Pareto Principle translates well to dispute resolution. With the guidance of experience, eighty percent of the benefit can be obtained with twenty percent of the effort and expense. Experience is the key to identifying the twenty percent.

Quality legal services are always expensive. We consider it our responsibility to every client to keep the expense contained in every sensible way.  We pay careful attention to those overhead expenses which deliver no tangible benefit but which clients ultimately pay for.  The empty conference room, fine art, Persian rugs and expensive office space are of little use to most clients. At Bliss Wilkens we use efficient cloud practice  management and virtual office services along with experienced contract lawyers. When our clients need an office we have one. When a task can be most efficiently handled at the lower rate of an associate lawyer or paralegal we have the depth of talent to meet the need. What we do not have is a cadre of young lawyers being trained at the client's expense.

We are small by design. At Bliss Wilkens we do not believe bigger is better. Quite the contrary, few matters require the attention of more than a senior lawyer, a junior lawyer and a single paralegal. We are necessarily very selective in the clients and cases we agree to handle but our clients can be sure their case will not be overstaffed and overcharged. Where a client needs help outside our expertise, or outside our geographic reach, we have a lifetime of contacts to draw upon and we often do so.

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